We have a dedicated team of individuals that collectively have over 25 years experience rescuing over 2000 birds of various species.  Based on our collective experiences we examine how birds of prey and other wildlife are injured.  We then work on ways to eliminate reasonable human threats by educating the public and being menotrs to people of all ages on ways they can help save birds and their habitats. We are driven to help preserve our native birds and are dedicated to conservation education.

One of our goals at Tampa Bay Raptor Rescue is to educate the general audience about birds and in particular the raptors that we care so much for. Stay tuned for interesting programs and information. Based on our collective experiences we look at what happens to wildlife and work on ways to educate people how to help our birds.

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Our Nature’s Defender’s group at Upper Tampa Bay Park

Rat Poison and Raptors – A Deadly Combination

How It Works


Poisoned rodents, the target species, are eaten by many non-targeted species such as  owls, hawks and eagles.  Mammals such as squirrels, opossums and raccoons also eat poisoned rodents and die. Birds of prey and other scavengers that feed on poisoned animals die too.

All Things Are Connected

How You Can Help


  • Remove – yard debris and trash that attract rodents.
  • Eliminate – food sources such as pet food or bird seed.
  • Exclude – seal all openings around your house.
  • Natural Deterrents – use products that keep rodents away.
  • Safe Products – use products with non-chemical mechanisms to kill rodents such as Have-A-Heart Traps.

Rats have plagued mankind for thousands of years.  Birds of Prey, particularly owls are natures own rodent control.  By sealing trash containers, eliminating food sources and denying access to a safe inside home, you can naturally control rodents without poisoning raptors, snakes, wading birds, predator mammals, pets and children.




If you live in the Tampa Bay Area and want to learn more check our calendar for programs in your area.  We partner with Moccasin Lake Nature Park and both Tampa and Clearwater Audubon Society to bring you an enriched educational experience.  We can bring a program to you!  Email us with your event and date and we will get back with you.  Bringing live birds to any event is dependent on many factors.  All factors are taken into consideration prior to the event.  They will all be covered in detail with you upon inquiry and must be approved by our Board of Directors and the bird of prey management team.

Check back with us frequently for more ways that you can help the birds.

Coming next . . . What to do when you find a baby bird.